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Digital Solutions for B2B Industries and Manufacturers

Customized advanced digital marketing and technology solutions that will help your organization with efficiency in Marketing, Sales and other operational areas.  

Let us help set your organization on the path of continuous growth.

Hubtec Digital is dedicated
to the growth of
B2B industries and manufacturers.

We are your partner for all your marketing needs. We have the knowledge and expertise to persuade your buyers through the sales funnel with well-devised marketing strategies.

What We Can Do For You.

Manufacturing Marketing Agency | Services Calgary

with Prospects.

Leverage a B2B integrated marketing framework.

account-based marketing

Customer Relations.

With targeted account-based marketing.

marketing for industrial companies Calgary

your Competitors.

With results-oriented marketing & sales automation.


Capable, reliable, professional, and cost-effective.

Avneesh’s professionalism is outstanding. I highly recommend them.

Amit Murjani​


Driven, knowledgable, and ready to help.

This is evident in the quality of service they provide for all digital marketing and website needs. I highly recommend working with them!

Raiza Vasquez


Amazing service and outstanding prices.

Would recommend everyone to get in touch with Avneesh Kumar regarding their marketing and website needs.

Shraddha Agarwal​


Shraddha Agarwal​

Amazing service, great prices, and outstanding customer service. Would recommend everyone to get in touch with Avneesh Kumar regarding their marketing and website needs.


Philip Setter

Avneesh and his team helped me out of a precarious situation which I am eternally grateful for…. Would highly recommend Avneesh and his team.

Is this a concern
for your organisation?


We are not seeing value in return for our marketing spend. How can we stretch our dollars?
We locate, engage, and close deals with high-value accounts through a proven automation solution.

Problems we solve


There is a disconnect between our marketing and sales teams. How can we align their workflow?
By sharing information and tools, your marketing and sales teams can work towards a common goal.

Problems we solve


We are spending a lot of time on repetitive tasks instead of making sales.

Automating the repetitive tasks can save the hours of your day.

Problems we solve

Hubtec’s Digital Framework

industrial marketing company | services Calgary
Industrial | Manufacturing Marketing management agency Calgary

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The marketing experts we partner with are visionaries of growth building roadmaps to success. They understand the constraints involved in the lengthy B2B sales process and have adopted the evolving marketing strategies to bridge the gaps in the buyer’s journey.
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