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About Us

Hubtec Digital is an agency dedicated to the growth of B2B manufacturers by connecting them with their prospective customers, building long-term customer relationships, and outgrowing their competitors.

We are a multi-faceted, energetic, and talented team with diverse skillsets across all dimensions of marketing. We have strategists, project managers, marketing analysts, web developers, designers, SEO/SEM consultants, social media managers, and marketing automation specialists. 

We are located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains range, in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta.

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Our Vision

Hubtec Digital strives to be an industry leader in digital marketing by prioritizing the success of its stakeholders and being a trusted advisor to business owners for their marketing strategies.

People first

Hubtec Digital commits to prioritizing the satisfaction of everyone who works with us. We maximize value for our clients by providing the highest quality services at the lowest possible costs. We aim to create an inclusive and safe space for our talent to learn and grow together as a team.

Fully integrated marketing services

Our company offers everything from building websites and optimizing visibility to managing social media accounts. We also provide strategy consulting with so many options to create a tailored package of services that aligns with clients’ specific business objectives.

Community leader

Recognizing the importance of fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, we aim to build a strong network and give back to the community through volunteer projects. We dedicate resources to help business owners stay informed about digital marketing trends and practices.

Our Core Values

Honesty & Integrity

Thirst For Learning

Dedication to Client

Meet Our Team

President & CEO

Avnissh Gupta

Project Manager

Julia Amulung

Business Development Specialist

Zach Fisher

Business Systems Analyst

Bob Ghosh

Customer Success Specialist

Jennifer Wiebe

Digital Marketing Specialist

Tarsem Singh

Digital Integration Strategist

Tim Lipp

Director of Business Development

Russ Altman

Accounting and Sales Specialist

Juwann Aaron Paguibitan

Marketing Lead and Trainer

Raiza Vasquez

Full Stack Web Developer

Prakash Singh

Full Stack Web Developer

Tushar T


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