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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

As the world advances in technology, one thing that we’re seeing is the rise of Artificial Intelligence. The use of artificial intelligence in business has become a rite of passage into the 21st century. According to recent studies, 84% of business executives agree that artificial intelligence provides them an advantage over their competitors.
As AI technology advances, the ability to improve digital marketing strategies will provide immense benefits.

Firstly, what is AI?

While there are multiple definitions of AI, experts describe AI as an area of computer science attempting to understand information that responds and performs tasks based on given data. 

Since the development of the digital computer in the 1940s, AI has proven that it can carry out complex tasks. Activities associated with AI are technical and specialized, such as image recognition, speech recognition, and robotics. 

Previously, marketers were hesitant to apply AI to their marketing strategies due to a lack of development. Nowadays, big successful companies have adopted it with rewarding results. 

Companies such as Amazon, Spotify, and Google use AI. AI is incorporated into Amazon to show only relevant products to shoppers based on their previous searches and purchases. Spotify uses AI to create playlists for listeners based on the songs they listen to. Google uses its AI for various tools, such as its assistant speech recognition, allowing it to understand spoken commands and questions. AI is revolutionizing digital marketing to a large extent. Its ability to collect information on potential customers will allow it to make data-based decisions accurately. 

Let’s take a look at Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM refers to a business strategy that maximizes the collection of customer information through a customer-centric approach. When you combine CRM and AI technology, they maximize customer data collection from different sources and gain accurate insights for target customers. Behavioral information becomes the source of AI analysis, which comes from the products that someone buys, pages browsed, etc.

With all the data, marketers can then quickly analyze potential customer’s needs and adapt to boost sales.

Application of AI in Digital Marketing

AI Chatbots

As AI has been developed to recognize language and semantic recognition, AI chatbots enable businesses to go beyond the traditional “one-to-one” customer service. Instead of having a live customer representative, an AI chatbot can be used as an alternative and can provide support to several customers at any time. Customers can also choose the language to use with the AI, which improves the customer experience. They don’t need to rest or reset, making them highly efficient. 

Many brands have already implemented this – such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Slack. They all benefit from AI chatbots to streamline the process.

Email Marketing

AI allows companies to personalize email marketing campaigns based on user behaviors. This enables them to send emails to customers’ inboxes based on their behavior, such as recent purchases and adding items to the shopping cart.

AI Digital Advertising

Digital advertising, one of the most successful areas using AI, has been utilized across platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram to provide the best possible user experience for the customer. Those platforms analyze information, including age, interests, and other demographics, to show them relevant advertisements.


As AI is more accessible for businesses, it has become a valuable tool for digital marketing. Looking at ways that your business can make the most use will allow you to grow your business and meet your customers’ expectations.

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