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Plan and Execute Your Digital Projects with CDAP Program

Digital adoption is a critical aspect of Canada’s economic future. As part of the 2021 budget announcements, the Canadian Federal Government announced the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) to aid small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to digitally transform their businesses. It is an innovative program that will accelerate digital adoption across the country. SMEs can receive up to CAD 15,000 to develop a digital plan that can help them in their digital transformation and achieve their business goals in 2022.

As one of Calgary’s leading digital companies, we at Hubtec Digital will be walking with you every step of the way and help you through the process – starting from the application for CDAP, receiving the grant/loans, providing recommendations, to the complete execution of the right digital plan for you.


Looking to Get Funding For Your Digital Projects?

In CDAP, SME’s will be able to apply for two different kinds of support:

Stream 1: Grow Your Business Online

Eligible businesses under Stream 1 of the CDAP program will receive:

  • Micro-grants (up to approx. 2,400 CAD) to help you digitize and take advantage of e-commerce opportunities, reimburse your smaller project costs, fulfill your immediate operational needs, and grow your business online
  • Access to a network of Canadian digital experts to introduce and help you use digital tools efficiently and gain the maximum out of it

Stream 2: Boost Your Business Technology

Eligible businesses under Stream 2 of the CDAP program will receive:

  • Grants (up to approx. 15,000 CAD) and loans (up to approx. 100,000 CAD ) to help balance the costs of digital advisors who will help you plan how to take your business to the next level with new digital strategies and solutions. This stream is best suited for medium-sized enterprises where the operational costs are high, and the business is in higher need of capital
  • Access to a network of Canadian digital advisors, as well as government-funded youth placements to help you with your digital transformation

You have to choose which stream is right for you. Hubtec Digital can help you identify which stream best fits your business as we are approved by the federal government in advising Canadian SMEs under this program.

Hubtec Digital can help you plan your digital transformation

Hubtecdigital is a well-established digital marketing services agency with 200+ clients across the globe. We have worked with a lot of SME’s and are familiar with the core values of each and every industry we have worked with. We have a team that is passionate about what they do and know the ins and outs of today’s digital businesses. We offer solutions that will not only make your life easier, but will also provide you with better, more efficient ways of remodeling your business digitally.

At Hubtecdigital, we have a streamlined end-to-end time-bound process to not only help you get the grant, but provide you with all the resources to get the most value out of it. We will work with you right from the beginning; from helping you apply for the grant and, upon approval, work with you to come up with a Digital Adoption Plan. Beyond that, we can also help you execute it once you’re ready.

We provide support in both streams and our support is as follows:

  • We can work with you to select the right CDAP stream that fits your business accurately
  • We will assist in preparing and submitting the applications
  • Once approved, we will work with you hand-in-hand to execute the project that you get approved for

Phase 1 - Gap Analysis & Digital Adoption Planning

  • Knowledge Session
    • We help you by understanding your business first. We understand that each business is unique, and therefore, face equally unique challenges. Through a deeper understanding of your business, we would be able to recommend solutions that tackle the challenges you face.
  • Qualification
    • Let us be your guide in navigating the way through applying, processing, and ultimately, receiving the grant for your business.
  • Gap Analysis
    • We will prepare a Digital Audit that will showcase all your current business efforts and gaps.
  • Digital Adoption Plan
    • All of our efforts will result in a customized Digital Adoption Plan made just for your business. The Digital Adoption Plan (DAP) will be your reference in transforming and digitizing your business.
  • Pain Points
    • We will use DAP to work on the pain points that we have identified together.
  • Recommendations
    • Finally, we will give our recommendations to complete the digital transformation.

Phase 2 - Digital Adoption - Execution and Delivery

  • Continuous Improvement Consultations
    • Step 1 in our Agile Project Management strategy, the consultations will be a regular effort to optimize our solutions that would fit your business needs.
  • Project Planning
    • You will have a dedicated Project Manager and a trackable dashboard of all the projects that will be worked on in parallel.
  • Solution Design
    • Our specialized teams will work together to design solutions to complete your digital transformation.
  • Project Execution
    • Multiple streams of projects will be developed simultaneously. On-time delivery assurance is something we pride ourselves on.
  • User Testing and Training
    • Our solutions developers will work with you to get you comfortable with using the solutions that we craft for you.
  • Project Feedback and Recommendations
    • A feedback and recommendation system in place will guarantee that we continually optimize our solutions and/or find better ways to bridge the gap in your business.
  • Next Iteration Planning
    • In the last step of our Agile Project Management strategy, we will plan for the next iteration of solution development and delivery.


Yes, we will work with you to select the right CDAP stream for your business and assist in preparing and submitting the application. Once approved, we will work with you to execute the project that you get approved for.

There are no fees for assisting in CDAP application preparation and submission.

We are approved by federal government to be a digital advisor for this program.

Yes, we have a strong team of digital consultants and advisors who have the skills and experience to deliver digital technologies for you

ThinkTech is an approved digital advisor by the federal government who are among the very few service providers helping you end to end with all aspects of CDAP such as –

  • Identifying the right CDAP stream,
  • Working with you to submit the CDAP application,
  • Providing the CDAP digital adoption plan and
  • Implementing the digital adoption plan

It is obviously right if you are looking forward to expanding your business online. Book a time with us to analyze your requirements and make recommendations about which CDAP stream works best for you.

The assessment criteria for applications are based on:

  • Suitability of the digitization project under the program requirements
  • Capacity of the recipient to manage the project
  • Ability to implement and carry out the project
  • Budget being justified and sound

Refer to the government website for more details here.

This depends upon the stream you apply for and ThinkTech will guide you through the instructions from start to end.

A small organization that has immediate needs for smaller project cost reimbursements such as e-commerce development. Eligible for micro-grants of up to $2,400.

It will become available when CDAP commences in January 2022

CDAP has 2 streams and each stream has its own specific application requirements. Stream 1 is for small businesses that want to access microgrants for e-commerce development. Refer to the government website for more details.

CDAP will launch in January 2022 and at the moment, there is no set application deadline yet. However, the latest information is available on CDAP’s official page here. Submission details will vary as it’s dependent on the stream you’re applying for, which is based on your requirements. Therefore, it is important for you to work with a digital advisor like us who can analyze and recommend the right grant or loans for you. Please book a time with us to go over the submission details.

Your business must be Canadian incorporated and have less than 500 employees to be eligible to apply. (Refer to the government website)

There are a number of eligible activities under the program. Refer to the government website for more details

There are no fees to apply for CDAP

The expected outcome of the program is that Canadian organizations:

  • Have access to programs and services to digitize their business,
  • Adopt digitization in their businesses and
  • Be able to sustain and grow.

Details will be available in January 2022.

CDAP helps business owners gain access to financial support through grants and loans, as well as talent through digital advisors and youth placements.

Medium to large businesses that plan to implement long-term digital solutions to their organization. Eligible for grants up to $15,000 for digital planning and loans up to $100K to execute the plan.

Refer to the government website for more details here.


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