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Get Funded for your Digital Projects

Do you know you can plan and execute digital projects with government funding? 

Hubtecdigital has unique project funding programs for its clients which allows its clients to take advantage of various government fundings that are available for executing digital projects. Under this program, Hubtecdigital assists its clients in grant and loan application submissions to the government for the projects that are to be planned and executed by Hubtecdigital.

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Client Funding Programs

As of January 2022, the following funding programs are made available by the Canadian Government:

Employee Training Grants

Providing digital marketing training programs to your employees

Digital Adoption Grants

Grants and loans available to plan and adopt digital technologies in your business

International Market Expansion Grants

Grants are available to help your business expand to international markets

Take a look inside.

Take a look inside.

Take a look inside.

Take a look inside.