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Integrating Sales and Marketing Teams to Grow Your Business

There’s a common saying in business – sales and marketing teams don’t get along. However, in all businesses, the two teams need to work together to bring in revenue. The marketing team generates ideas, creates campaigns, and drives potential clients for the sales team. The sales team closes the deal. It’s like Yin and Yang, right?

No matter the differences, if both teams work together, they can accomplish amazing things for your business. Let’s look at how we can integrate both sales and marketing teams that lead to healthy revenue and healthy working relationships.

Fostering a Healthy Working Relationship

This may seem obvious, but teams should work with each other when they know and understand each other. There are many effective ways for team bonding, such as going for a virtual lunch, doing an escape room, or having dinner in small groups. Creating a rivalry between the two teams isn’t a bad idea, as long as it’s healthy and both teams can work together.

Happiness is an essential factor for any individual and can lead to success in various aspects of life and work. Happy employees who enjoy working for others and the company will lead to higher productivity and do better work.

Out of the top 10 tech companies in North America, Facebook and Google have the highest retention rate because people simply love the work environment!

Inclusive Strategy

As you continue with your team bonding strategy, share the business strategy with your marketing and sales teams. Show them your vision of the company for all employees. Open up a discussion with both teams. How can sales and marketing teams collaborate? What are the strategies for both teams, and how will they achieve results? Remember to get both teams to talk and be transparent with each other. For a business to grow, there must be clarity between both teams. Encourage communication. As the marketing team identifies prospects sitting on the fence about purchasing products, they can communicate with the sales team to push them to finalize the purchase.

This might mean that you need a channel for the marketing team to communicate with the sales team and vice versa. Slack is an excellent tool for teams to communicate with each other.

Sharing is Caring

Marketers are constantly collecting news on the customers. Sales teams are also communicating with the customers, therefore getting a lot of real-world data from the interactions. That means both the marketing and sales teams should share data to identify to help both of them in their respective duties. For example, if the marketing team sees a lot of traction on a particular part of the website, the sales team should be alerted and then tailor their approach in response to the traction. If sales are getting feedback from the clients regarding a specific part of the website being unclear, the sales team should share that information with the marketing team to improve.

Rewarding Good Work

Historically, sales teams have always been rewarded for their hard work with specific incentives. Marketing teams should also be incentivized, but the approach to the reward should be different. You could structure an incentive based on something such as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This will make it feel that they are also getting rewarded for their actions, even though sales teams get the glory. It’s up to you.


It is possible for sales and marketing teams can work together to bring in good revenue. Ultimately, the owner of the business needs to bring the two teams to work together.

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