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We perform a thorough analysis of your website user experience and traffic, taking keywords into consideration, followed by auditing of the sales funnel.

Why do you need a marketing audit?

When your business experiences a sudden drop in sales or is experiencing low sales on a regular basis, run a gap analysis for your marketing campaigns. It gives you:

  • a clear understanding of how to carry out your marketing and sales goals
  • insights to find gaps and make improvements in your sales funnel
  • an understanding of what percent of your funnel needs to come from marketing vs sales
  • reach optimized conversion rate goals and refocus to improve conversions.

How do we perform a marketing audit?

We analyze your marketing strategies from different angles and streamline them towards a single goal. We have categorized our gap analysis process to match the different stages of your sales funnel. We use a diverse set of tools and software to deliver accurate reports, providing valuable insights throughout the analysis process.

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