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As a marketing partner for B2B manufacturers, we maximize your business’s significance with the Hubtec Digital marketing framework by developing strategies and launching and managing campaigns across all platforms. Our services don’t stop there! We also train your staff and extend our support for the entire journey.

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Gap Analysis & Audit

We perform a thorough analysis of your website user experience and traffic, taking keywords into consideration, followed by auditing of the sales funnel.
Gap Analysis

When your leads are not converting to sales, we recommend a gap analysis to detect leaks or gaps in the sales funnel. This analysis will optimize your inbound marketing, smoothly taking leads through the funnel.


Why do you need a gap analysis?

When your business experiences a sudden drop in sales, or is experiencing low sales on a regular basis, run a gap analysis for your marketing campaigns. A gap analysis gives you:

  • a clear understanding on how to carry out your marketing and sales goals
  • insights to find gaps and make improvements in your sales funnel
  • an understanding of what percent of your funnel needs to come from marketing vs sales
  • reach optimized conversion rate goals and refocus to improve conversions 

How do we perform a gap analysis?

We analyze your marketing strategies from different angles and streamline them towards a single goal. We have categorized our gap analysis process to match the different stages of your sales funnel. We use a diverse set of tools and software to deliver accurate reports, providing valuable insights throughout the analysis process.

Website Traffic & Keyword Search Analysis

Website performance is evaluated with respect to the number of visitors to your site as well as the source of traffic. Our web analytic tools provide comprehensive reports with metrics to make a full assessment. 


Keyword analysis shows how well your content meets the requirements of your buyer personas and how keywords appear in their searches. With the right tools, we perform a keyword analysis and compare with your competitors. Our analysis involves the current ranking of keywords and their historical performance. The report identifies keyword gaps for which your competitors are ranking and how you can adjust your keywords.

Search Optimization Audit

An SEO audit is essential for a website to gain organic traffic and maintain top search rankings. If you are not getting the desired traffic and not appearing at the top of the search engines for the right keywords, an SEO audit is right for you. 


Benefits of an SEO Audit: 

  • Identify Internal & External Link Building Opportunities
  • Identify Potential Information Architecture Improvements
  • Identify Thin Content/content gap
  • Identify Duplicate Content
  • Scan for Keyword Optimization
  • Optimize Meta Tags 
  • Identify Page Update Opportunities
  • Run Page Speed Analytics
  • HTTP to HTTPS: Make the Switch
User Experience Evaluation

This process measures interactions between a user and a user interface on a website. User analysis encourages design changes to the user interface to maximize user engagement. This analysis allows us to increase: visitor engagement, online lead generation and lead conversion.

Conversion Funnel Analysis

A Conversion Funnel Analysis allows you to attract customers to your site and guides your customer toward your conversion point. Our job is to maximize the number of customers that purchase your product after visiting your website.

Sales Process Analysis

In this process, we mine your data to monitor the performance of your sales team, which provides insights on top performing/underperforming services. It reveals what customers are buying most and why they are buying.


Acquisition Strategy

We conduct a thorough analysis of your website user experience and traffic. We take keywords into consideration, followed by an audit of the sales funnel.

Purchaser Persona and Journey

A purchaser persona, or a buyer persona, is a semi-fictional character representing your ideal client and travels through the marketing-to-sales journey. With this semi-fictional character, you can map your entire marketing strategies to compliment each stage of the sales funnel. 


How do we create your purchaser persona?

Your ideal purchaser persona can be created using tools like HubSpot’s persona templates or Make My Persona. The persona can be further optimized or personalized to match your buyers through research, surveys and interviews.


How do we define the purchaser persona’s journey?

An ideal purchaser persona’s journey is a three-component framework. It starts at the top of the funnel (TOFU) with the awareness stage, followed by the consideration stage in the middle of the funnel (MOFU), and the bottom of the funnel (BOFU) with the decision stage.


Why do you need to map your purchaser persona journey?

The mapping process will streamline your marketing strategies. It will seamlessly integrate marketing and sales stages down the sales funnel. Also, identifying your purchaser persona improves your customer service and customer engagement.

Inbound Marketing Plan

The inbound marketing strategy lays the foundation for effective inbound traffic, leads and conversions. Inbound marketing helps you “get found” by your buyers. Buyer’s requirements differ at each stage of the conversion funnel. With a good inbound marketing plan, you can identify the right content to be delivered at the right stage of the buyer’s journey. 


An inbound marketing plan includes digital marketing strategies, such as: 


  • strategy formulation to identify your target customers
  • strategy mapping for your buyer persona’s journey
  • identification of the right platforms to market to your customers
  • laying out the best content marketing strategies for your business
  • attracting, converting, closing and delighting the buyer post sales
Establish KPIs & Metrics

Once your integrated marketing and sales plan is formulated, we then establish KPIs and metrics to track the performance of your website through SEO, brand awareness, and lead generation campaigns. Vanity metrics like traffic, conversion rates, and number of leads generated cannot be narrowed down to each campaign for a particular stage of the buyer’s journey. 


We focus on various metrics under organic search as well as paid search reports. With the integration of your social media campaigns, CRM, and website with automation platforms like HubSpot, all your marketing and sales KPIs can be viewed on a single dashboard. The dashboard also acts as a single interface to interpret strategies vs outcomes.


The KPIs and Metrics we establish cover:

  • Awareness measure
  • Engagement tracking
  • Campaign evaluation
Account Based Marketing Plan

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to identify your buyers among website visitors. This is where our Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies come into play. Hubtec Digital’s ABM plan is a proven automation solution to address your marketing needs. ABM is an evolving concept that integrates platforms and technology where marketers can locate, connect, engage and close deals with their target accounts. 


Our plan leverages ABM strategies to select your ideal buyers, optimizing your sales process and generating a pipeline that leads your prospects directly to your sales funnel. 


Hubtec Digital ABM service model:

  • Choose your target account
  • Target nurturing
  • Metrics & measures
Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing is a proven tactic for maximum return on investment (ROI). Its popularity has prompted businesses to invest more content into their marketing strategies. The market is saturated with content, but with quality content and the right strategy, you can stand out amongst your competitors. Hubtec Digital’s content marketing plan is aligned with the sales funnel, using unique strategies to target your buyer persona at each stage of the funnel. Our plan will reach and nurture your target audience while educating, evaluating and converting them from leads to buyers. 

Our content marketing plan includes:

  • Listing your goals for content marketing
  • Identifying the platforms for your content marketing
  • Matching your content marketing strategies with your buyer persona’s journey
  • Creating a content plan with a timeline
Milestone Identification

This step involves the description of various tasks, their timelines, effort, allocation of resources, and duration. The following steps with ensure you stay on target and reach your goals: 


  • Project plan for the execution of customer acquisition strategy
  • Goals and milestones identification
  • Progress of project execution by measuring the success or acceptance criteria of the project. 
System Integration Plan

Why toggle between different platforms when you can have all the data on a single dashboard?


System integration is an excellent solution for your data challenges. It offers seamless transmission of data between applications, platform optimizing, customer management, marketing, and sales and service. Hubtec Digital integrates your system with social media accounts, CRM and other applications with automation software, such as HubSpot. 


Integrations we offer:

  • Advertising Integrations
  • Analytics and Data
  • Calling Integrations
  • Connector Integrations
  • Content Integrations
  • Customer Success Integrations
  • Ecommerce Integrations
  • Email Integrations
  • Event and Webinar Integrations
  • Lead Generation Integrations
  • Live Chat Integrations
  • Sales Integrations
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Video Integrations
Website & Ecommerce Plan

Website & Ecommerce Plan

As a manufacturer, you cannot build marketing strategies around a poorly constructed website. Websites with better UI/UX designs create an increase in traffic. Also, businesses with strategically designed UX websites have seen 400 times more visit-to-lead conversions. 


Seamless integration of B2B inbound marketing strategies, website user experience, and lead nurturing through the sales funnel using marketing automation creates a substantial increase in ROI. It offers simplified real-time data monitoring and management, significantly increasing leads and retention. 

Strategically built websites are never regarded as an expense, but an investment. They form the core of inbound marketing with a  focus on ROI and lead generation.



The ecommerce industry is booming and expected to exceed $6.5 trillion in sales by 2022. With the advent of technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and customer self-service features, B2B ecommerce is not limited to big manufacturers. 


With a significant online presence, Millennials prefer researching over reaching out to a sales representative. With this in mind, it is critical for B2B manufacturers to adapt new technologies to cater to their younger potential clientele. 


Once you have decided to migrate your B2B to a new ecommerce platform, our team will build a plan for implementing and integrating ecommerce into your business. 


Our plan involves steps to:

  • Identify the best ecommerce platform for your online store
  • Design a customized navigation scheme for optimal user experience
  • Deliver the best online shopping experience at the best rates
  • Streamline operations through ecommerce online ordering
  • Integrate your online shop with business applications like ERP or CRM systems for dynamic interaction with your buyers


Technical Execution

We move towards the technical execution of the customer acquisition strategy identified in step 2.

CRM Implementation

Why manufacturing companies need CRM integration.

For many years, marketing and sales have been in two different silos in the manufacturing industries. Automation has broken this paradigm by integrating both platforms for improved collaboration and effective customer acquisition. 


If the marketing and sales teams are not on the same page, it will create a disparity in communication, increasing the chance of confused customers, alienating contacts, and losing out on leads. 


The marketing team is dependent on marketing automation tools, whereas the sales team is focused on CRM tools to reach contacts. When these tools are integrated, both teams will work towards the same goal. You can easily track each contact, save time with automated entries, and optimize communication tracking and management.


The sales team gains additional insights, such as an integrated dashboard with reports, lead pipelines, lead scoring for analyzing the leads, and identifying ideal clients. Integration also offers email marketing tools for tracking, reporting, and management. This improves communication management and personalized targeting of leads at each stage of the sales funnel on any platform. CRM integration also measures the level of interaction, which assesses your leads’ interest in your business and guides them in their decision making.


CRM Data Migration with Hubtec Digital

CRM data depends on the type of data and the internal resources available within your system. At Hubtec Digital, we follow a simple process to import data from your system to the automation platform. Before we proceed to data migration, we ensure that your data is clean and well-organized.


Imported data from various sources such as Contacts, Companies, Deals, and Tickets are mapped and populated. 


Automation platforms, like HubSpot, have exceptional search features. Migrating your CRM data and integrating it with marketing tools like MailChimp, Gmail, PandaDoc, Zendesk and others saves you time in data entries and locating client records.

Ecommerce Development

An ecommerce website alone cannot attract more traffic, generate leads or increase revenue. A B2B website is developed into a fully functionable online store by integrating automation software, like HubSpot. Marketing automation enables integration of all valuable data from your CRM, social media and other marketing or sales tools and converts them into a robust, inbound marketing system.


How ecommerce empowers your B2B:

  • Scalability – Effective way to scale to meet growing demands
  • B2B ecommerce drives revenue with reduced customer acquisition costs and an increased average order value (AOV) of customers
  • Better buying experience – Buyers can manage their orders, budgets, and view their pricing and available promotions all online 
  • Improved conversion and retention rate – with an automated process and emails (such as abandoned cart emails), ecommerce offers better conversion rates and an increase in repeat and loyal clients
Website Design & Development

As a manufacturer, you cannot exclude your website from your marketing strategies.


B2B inbound marketing strategies, website user experience, and lead nurturing through the sales funnel are seamlessly integrated using marketing automation. This is possible with a critically designed and developed inbound website. Strategically built websites are never regarded as an expense, but an investment. They form the core of inbound marketing, with a focus on ROI and lead generation.


Inbound Websites – better user experience & lead generation

An inbound website is designed by taking the visitor’s experience into account. Websites with better UI or UX designs dramatically increase lead traffic. Lead generation through your sales funnel is fueled by value-based content in the form of blogs, whitepapers, videos, visuals and more. These are developed by designers and content strategists with a thorough understanding of user needs. Businesses with strategically designed UX websites have seen 400 times more visit-to-lead conversions.


Strong inbound websites with solid landing pages need a compelling call-to-action (CTA) at the right time to convert visitors to buyers, establishing a long-lasting relationship.


Website traffic–whether it is organically generated with SEO or through other channels–must be converted to leads. Using conversion elements like custom designed landing pages, CTAs, thank you pages or automated personalized drip emails will enable this process. 


Functional websites with the right integration

Sustainability in a digitally connected ecosystem is critical for B2Bs. Seamless integration of websites with marketing automation platforms show a multi-fold increase in ROI, simplified real-time data monitoring and management. This promotes an increase in leads and retention. Such integrations make your website fully functional and offer customized solutions, addressing your challenges.

Process & Data Migration

Now that you have decided to migrate your system to our automated platform, our digital team will collaborate with you to execute the data implementation and migration project. The migration process is composed of the following steps:


Step 1: Assessment

Step 2: Data & Process Migration and Initial Set-Up

Step 3: CRM Advanced Configuration

Step 4: Solutioning and Adaptation


The purpose of this project is to transition data and processes from one system to another. This process seamlessly integrates your marketing, sales, and any other business processes into a destination system to increase efficiency through automation.

Inbound Marketing Execution

An inbound marketing strategy lays the foundation for effective inbound traffic, leads, and conversions. Inbound marketing helps you “get found” by your buyers. Buyer’s requirements change at each stage of the conversion funnel. With a solid inbound marketing plan, you can identify the right content delivered at the right stage of the buyer’s journey. 


An inbound marketing plan includes digital marketing strategies like: 

  • Strategy formulation to identify your target customers
  • Strategy mapping to map your buyer persona’s journey
  • Identification of the right platforms to market to your customers
  • Provide the best content marketing strategies for your business
  • Attract, convert, close and delight the buyer
Content Marketing Execution

Content marketing is a proven tactic for reaping maximum ROI. Its popularity has prompted businesses to invest more into a content marketing strategy. The market is saturated with content. But with quality content and the right strategy, you will stand out from your competitors. 


Hubtec Digital’s content marketing plan is aligned with the conversion funnel. We implement unique strategies to target your buyer persona at each stage of the funnel. Our marketing plan will make your content stand out by reaching and nurturing prospective buyers. It will also educate, evaluate, and convert them through the funnel. 


Our content marketing plan includes:

  • Listing your goals for content marketing
  • Identifying the platforms for your content marketing
  • Matching your content marketing strategies with your buyer persona’s journey
  • Creating a content plan with a timeline


KPI Reporting

We measure the performance of your business with your key performance indicators (KPIs) and the key metrics associated with them. The advantage of integrating your system with an automation platform is that it brings your data, metrics, and other KPIs onto a single dashboard.

Success Monitoring Dashboard

KPI dashboards reflect your success and act as a single-point check-in to monitor the smooth-running of your business.


With Hubtec Digital dashboards, you can monitor your success:

  • Real-time: Quickly check your reports, anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Customized: Dashboards are customizable, with plenty of template choices to suit your needs.
  • Interactive: Visualized data-driven conversions are possible with interactive dashboards.
  • Integrated: Integrate as much data as you wish from internal and external data sources and social media.
KPI Reporting Results

Once we set up your dashboard, it’s time to generate reports to follow up on your marketing initiatives, lead conversions, website visitors, and more KPIs. Hubtec Digital’s dashboard generates customized reports on demand.


With Hubtec Digital, reports are:

  • Automated: With apps and system integration, report generation is no longer a manual chore.
  • Scheduled: You can determine the frequency of your report generation: daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Integrated: A real-time data report from different sources, all on one page.
  • Unlimited: Report generation is a one-click job. Access to a wide variety of reports can be generated by department, month, location, or employee.
Tracking Codes & Analytics

Once you have migrated to an automation platform (e.g., HubSpot) and connected your domain to the software, a tracking code is included on every landing page, blog post, website page, and external hosted pages (not linked with the automation software). 


This tracking code tracks every visitor landing on your website, the CTAs, form submissions, clicked events, and social post clicks. Tracked visitors are listed in your contacts, and repeat visitors are automatically deduplicated through the automated platform. 


Similarly, you can include the Google Analytics tracking ID in your automation software settings. The HubDigital dashboard offers real-time tracking in your Google Analytics report. This report provides the overall performance of your campaigns in terms of clicks, impressions, CPC, CTR, conversions, and other KPIs.


Continuous Improvement

At Hubtec Digital, we follow the customer success methodology from customer onboarding to service delivery. Our service doesn’t stop there–it has just begun!

With your new marketing strategy, it’s time to test, analyze, and optimize. Our goal is to draw more traffic to your website through leads and conversions and to maximize ROI. Experimenting is part of strategy building. For continuous improvement and optimization, we follow these steps:

A/B Testing

A/B testing measures the performance or engagement of your personas with a marketing email, a landing page, or a CTA. We create two versions of your advertising campaign to measure and compare their performance, maximizing opportunities and conversion rates.

Lead Conversion Strategy Improvement

The conversion strategy that brings you leads through various online campaigns needs continuous monitoring and optimization to stay relevant. We test demographics, ideal client profile, target market, online ad copies, and call to action.


We also make recommendations for its effectiveness. That’s why your marketing partner should continuously focus on improving the lead conversion strategy to stay relevant to your audience.

Content Additions

Content is one of the prime factors contributing to the online findability of your manufactured products and services. As a result, content needs to be refreshed and validated for it to stay current. As you introduce new products and existing product portfolios, we must update content to align with the SEO strategy.

Online Presence Maintenance

Your brand is visible to your target customer online on various platforms – Website, Social Media, Google Business Account and others. It is extremely important to make be consistent about your business information across all of these platforms. We provide supporting and maintaining these platforms to safeguard your online reputation.

Social Media Monitoring & Review Management

Your reputation is everything in your business. Make sure it’s protected, globally. We have partnered finest social media listening and monitoring tools to provide you an extra set of eyes and ears. AI powered analysis provides real time insights into what’s happening on all social channels and online media, across multiple languages. This enables you to quickly identify issues and complaints before a crisis hits.


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