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Marketing has outgrown traditional pamphlets and mailouts. Many small to medium-sized  manufacturing companies are lagging behind other industries in adopting evolving marketing strategies. We are a Calgary-based digital marketing agency that thinks outside the traditional marketing box. 

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The B2B sales timeline is a lengthy process. Hubtec Digital has the right inbound and account-based marketing strategies. We offer solutions that address your prospects’ pain points and redefine your buyer persona’s journey to sales conversion. We provide personalized content marketing designed to connect and build a strong relationship with your prospects and help you outgrow your competitors.

The Hubtec Digital Framework determines which contacts fit the Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) definition. Brand awareness and lead generation are achieved through our account-based marketing strategies. 

The seamless transmission of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) to Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) is powered by continuous nurturing of prospects with tailored content addressing their pain points. This process is time-sensitive. A coordinated transition is essential between the marketing and sales teams to avoid missed opportunities.

How are your prospects nurtured through to conversion in the sales funnel?

Our sales automation solution offers features to increase efficiency and tracking:


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