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Why most marketers fail in delivering results

The marketing first and analytics second mindset is one of the main reasons most marketers fail in delivering results through their campaigns in digital advertising.

Other Marketers: “What are we doing wrong? Where are we lacking? Are we spending less for this campaign? Why is this campaign not giving expected results?”

Experienced Digital Marketer: “Why don’t you plan or set up analytics for your campaigns before you launch them live? Why don’t you study your market so that you can compare your market statistics to grow as an organization?”

Other Marketers: “That’s right  but currently we are busy with creating and optimizing our campaigns because they require continuous tweaking. Let’s wait and see how it goes. All the money being spent is going to trash. After we complete the campaign, then we will worry about the tracking setup and other analytics.”

Experienced Digital Marketer: “Why don’t you learn to summarize  all the data before you launch your marketing campaigns?”

Other Marketers: “We are aware of the tactics you are talking about and they are beneficial when it comes to business. But we have to take time out of our important campaign creation time and invest in other things  which will drastically affect our campaigns.”

These are some examples of how most marketers ignore the fact that analytics and tracking is important to keep an eye on at all stages of  the campaign. This is because we want  to optimize the campaign and get the best results out of it, despite where we are in the campaign process.  

This marketing first and analytics second mindset is a major reason most marketers will never be able to measure their advertising. They call themselves data-driven but nobody analyzes the data when the results are out. You need to keep track of what’s working and what’s not so you can make tweaks throughout the year.

Marketing Strategies

You can set up proper analytics and tracking before you launch your campaign to  track how many people visit your site, click on your ads, and convert as a result of a specific campaign. During the campaign, analyzing the incoming data can also help you adjust  your campaign strategy. Finally, the collective data after the campaign can help you improve for future ones. Constant tracking and analysis is important to  identify which channel(s) or which part(s) of the strategy to  keep or eliminate. If you don’t do so, you will keep wasting precious resources such as time or money.

Managing an effective digital marketing strategy is challenging for companies of all sizes. Simple mistakes are easy to make and, like the one above, can throw off an entire campaign before it has a chance to succeed. Make constant tracking and analysis a common practice to maximize your outputs.

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